Commercial Painting

Whether you have a small business or a large retail property, we can help you with your next painting project. We can accomplish what you need with over 25 years of experience, be it exterior or interior painting services.

We serve all types of commercial properties

Commercial Services Include:

Offered Exterior Services Include:

When it comes to your business, having the right or wrong color can make a huge difference. If you are looking for a change that your customers will enjoy, have our professional team provide you with the right look both inside and out of your business.

Hire a Professional Painter

When changing up your business with a fresh coat of paint, have a professional handle the situation so you know it will be done the right way. Without their expertise on your side, your business’s image may suffer by unnecessary imperfections that could damage your overall look. They know the right tools to use, what types of paint works best, and how long to complete the task the correct way. If you truly want your business to appear as professional as you are, it can only be done by a professional!

How Often Your Business Should Be Painted:

Keeping up your appearance is just a part of the job. The same can be said for your business. Here is a rundown of when you should have both your exterior and interior updated.



The Best Quality Work Comes from a Professional

Our professional painters have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a beautifully painted home. Contact Jim’s Paint and More to learn about our interior painting services today.