Exterior Painting

Exterior painting isn’t just about making the outside of your home beautiful. It’s also about protecting your home from the elements. Proper cleaning and sealing of siding, driveways, brick, and other exterior surfaces is key in having a long-lasting home. We can not only protect your home this way, but we’ll also make certain it matches the look you’re going for.

Exterior Painting Services Include:

Having the exterior of your home properly washed and painted is one of the most important things you can do to protect it. In order to care for the home you’ve invested in, be sure to keep up with its exterior and the paint/stain that’s keeping it all together.

Other Exterior Services Include:

Hire a Professional Painter

Painting the exterior of a home is no easy feat, which is why you should hire a professional for the job. Not only can it be an extremely difficult task, but if done poorly, your home will be at risk. When a home’s exterior begins to go, its interior follows. Don’t allow your home to become susceptible to damages; protect it with professional exterior painting on the proper basis for your home’s material.

How Often Your Home Should Be Painted:

The Proper Painting Techniques

You will need the proper painting techniques to complete an exterior project. In addition to the proper techniques, you’ll need someone with the right equipment.

Choosing the Correct Paint

Not all paint is created equally. Different exterior paints are needed for the materials a home is built from, and we’ll be sure to apply the right one to your home, and in a color you love!

Wash Before You Paint

Before a painting or staining project is started, there’s one step that needs to be taken to ensure the job is done correctly. The exterior of the structure needs to be thoroughly cleaned. At Jim’s Paint and More, we offer power washing services so your home’s exterior is prepared before being painted every time.

Painting in the Right Conditions

Not only is having painting expertise an important skill but also knowing the right conditions in which to get the job done on a home’s exterior. There are optimal outdoor conditions for painting. With this knowledge, we’ll proceed with the job only when we know the conditions are right for the best outcome.

The Best Quality Work Comes from a Professional

Our professional painters have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a beautifully painted home. Contact Jim’s Paint and More to learn about our exterior painting services today.

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